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CTOA Appointed to Mississauga Towing and Trucking Industry Advisory Committee

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

The Canada Truck Operators Association (CTOA) has been appointed to the newly formed Towing and Trucking Industry Advisory Committee at the City of Mississauga.

CTOA Executive Director Jaskaran Sandhu will be sitting on the committee on behalf of the Association.

The Committee was expanded beyond towing to include members of the trucking industry this year, as the goods movement sector plays a significant role in the cities economy and brings its own unique challenges and opportunities in Mississauga.

"The new advisory committee will tackle various issues impacting the trucking industry in the city, which is an important logistics hub in the region and province. We thank City Council for the appointment, and we will use the role to ensure that the voice of truckers are heard loud and clear on various municipal issues," Sandhu said.

The CTOA also sits on the Peel Goods Movement Taskforce, and is a stakeholder with the MTO and the Federal Government.

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